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What is the Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis? 
The Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis is an extremely unique place. It is an adult-only (21+) martial art dojo located on private residential property. It has been in operation, in Indianapolis, for 20 years (1999-2019).

What do you teach at the Sensokan?
We teach the Japanese martial art of Senso-Ryu which translates to "War Style". The Senso-Ryu style was founded in the mid 1960's by R. Behrens Shihan, It is one of the most well rounded and complete systems of real self-defense in the world. Senso-Ryu consists of the following arts:


TAIJUTSU - Striking with hands (closed fist and open hand), elbows. knees, feet, etc..
JUJUTSU - (aka: Jiu-jitsu} - Grappling. submissions, and immobilization holds. Aggressive physical take-downs and throws.
AIKI-JUJUTSU - The advanced form of Jujutsu employing "Aiki" principles and techniques, focusing on multiple attack training.


KENJUTSU - The art of the sword - Training with the bokken (wooden sword) in one on one and multiple attack scenarios for the development of balance, courage, and control.
IAIJUTSU - The art of drawing the Katana (sword). The practice of quick drawing, kata, and tameshigiri cutting.
TANTOJUTSU - The art of the knife - Defense with and against. 
JOJUTSU - The art of the staff, club, bat, etc. - Defense with and against. 
HOJUTSU -  Handgun retention and disarmament.


ZAZEN - The discipline of Zen Meditation.

​Do you teach children?
We do not teach children. We only accept students 21 years or older. Due to the nature of the training, a certain level of maturity is required.

What is the tuition? 
The tuition is $100 a month, in cash, for unlimited classes. No contracts. $200 in cash is due at sign-up which covers the first 2 months of training. After those 2 months are up, the student then simply pays the $100 a month. All tuitions are non-refundable.

We never ask the student to sign any kind of contract locking them in financially. If the students decides that they no longer wish to train at the Sensokan, we simply part ways amicably.

The student is only responsible for the purchase of their uniform which is bought outside of the dojo as we do not sell anything. All other training and meditation supplies (safety equipment, weapons, etc.) is supplied by the dojo at no extra charge. There are no testing fees or any hidden charges. 

What is the class schedule?
The current class schedule is as follows:
Mondays - 7pm - 9pm
Wednesdays - 7pm - 9pm
Saturdays - 1pm - 3pm
Students are entitled to unlimited classes however one class a week is required to remain student. 


The Sensokan Dojo resides inside the Sensei's home?
The Sensokan dojo is located inside the Sensei's house. It is a full size traditional Japanese martial art dojo, complete with state of the art polyurethane tatami mats and wooden walls designed to "give" to prevent injury.

​There is a bathroom / changing area, an office for dokusan (private meeting) with Sensei, and a private parking area. There is also an outdoor meditation / training area. There is no better way to train.


Why do you teach Zen meditation with the martial arts?
Zen meditation has been taught with the traditional martial arts since the days of feudal Japan. If you want the martial art that you study to be effective in a life threatening situation, you have to be relatively "calm" at the moment of danger. If not, you will freeze in fear and all your techniques that you have learned will not be there for you. You achieve this through daily Zen meditation.

Bottom-line: The martial art teaches you the self defense technique but the Zen meditation training allows the technique to "come out", so to speak, when needed.


How do I join the Sensokan Dojo?
Visit the Contact page for information on joining.



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