What is the Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis?
The Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis is a martial art school that is quite unique. We offer the traditional Japanese martial arts and the discipline of Zen meditation for adults only (18+).

The Dojo resides on private property and is closed to the general public.

Potential students must apply for membership and pass an interview with the Sensei

What is the tuition?
The Sensokan is not a business. We do not charge money for lessons. We do not have you sign contracts or buy expensive equipment. We supply all training equipment.

What we do ask for is true dedication. If you are accepted as a student you will be expected to attend class on a regular basis.. If you do not, you will no longer be considered a student. It's that simple. ​​

What is taught at the Sensokan?
We teach the Japanese martial art of "Senso-Ryu" (war style), This style consists of:

JUJUTSU - The unarmed martial art of the Samurai and base style for all Japanese fighting systems.
AIKIJUJUTSU - The advanced form of Jujutsu dealing with the higher principles of multiple attack defense.
KENJUTSU - The art of the sword for balance, courage, and control techniques.
ZAZEN - Zen meditation for the cultivation of the mind.
Do you teach children?
We only accept adults as students,18 years of age or older. We rarely have anyone training under the age of 21.

What is the purpose of Zen meditation training in the martial arts?

Without an internal discipline such as Zen, the martial arts is nothing more than dancing in your pajamas. You will freeze in fear and no matter how much martial art training you have had, you will not be able to truly defend yourself properly in a life and death situation.

Zen allows the defender to keep calm at the moment of danger in order for the techniques learned to "come out" so to speak. 

​The martial art teaches the student the self defense technique, but Zen meditation enables the student the ability to use it when it counts.

How do you join the Sensokan?
Visit the CONTACT page for information on how to become a student.