Ted Hanulak Sensei 

The current head of the Japanese martial art of Senso-Ryu Aikijujutsu and chief instructor at the Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis is Ted Hanulak Sensei. Born and raised in New York City, his martial arts experiences began in Karate-do as a child, Tae Kwon Do in high school, and Judo in college. In 1983 Hanulak Sensei began his training under Richard Behrens Shihan in Senso-Ryu and Zen. He studied for 9 years and began teaching in 1992.

  Richard Behrens Shihan

Hanulak Sensei is a former decorated Police Officer, who received "Officer of the Year" in 1989 for "Outstanding heroics and dedicated service". He also was a state licensed private investigator and private security specialist. His years in law enforcement and security was an excellent opportunity for "hands-on" experience in actual self defense.


Police Officer of The Year 1989


Police Academy - Behrens Shihan, first row right side dark suit. Hanulak Sensei, first row right side, light suit.

​Hanulak Sensei also spent many years running bouncer programs in various bars and nightclubs, where many of his personal students were bouncers. His specialty was ensuring that the patrons where not injured. Thus protecting the patron and the liquor license.

Hanulak Sensei continues to carry on Behrens Shihan's teaching at the same time evolving it based on his own personal experiences. As he enters his 27th year of teaching, his goal is to pass on the art to those who will continue it into the future. Traditional training for the modern world.


Licensed Senso-Ryu Instructors under Ted Hanulak Sensei


William Shogran has been a student under Hanulak Sensei for 25 years. He teaches in Melbourne, Florida and is a Florida Highway Patrol officer (FHP).


Richard Denney Senpai has been a student under Hanulak Sensei for 19 years. He is a security specialist and a state of Indiana certified police officer.


Dominic Martin Senpai has been a student under Hanulak Sensei for 16 years and is the current acting Senpai (head student) at the Indianapolis Dojo. He is an Assistant Federal Defender for the state of Indiana.


Brad W, Lee has been a student under Hanulak Sensei for 16 years. He is an instructor at the Honbu dojo in Indianapolis and also teaches privately.


1992 - 2019

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