Don't know what you got till it's gone!!

"I am sure that some of you know that these words are from a famous song from the 90's. As a student of Hanulak Sensei from 1994, Let me tell you that I am now accomplished in Jujutsu, but have never found a dojo that compares with that of Sensei's. I was quite immature and loved the training, but did not value my time with him. What Sensei taught me in those few years has never been duplicated by anyone. He is truly a Sensei in every aspect of the word. For those who were not with Sensei in Florida, please value your time with him.

As well as being a police officer, Sensei worked at various Nightclubs in Pompano Beach Fla. He would come to class with REAL world knowledge about REAL self defense situation. Class would start or end with stories of Sensei defending himself against one or more attackers. How to apply a control lock on a intoxicated patron. Knives, broken glass, we got it all. We saw the scars from Sensei's work. The training was truly incredible.

I am well traveled and have visited many masters throughout the world. I have trained at the Honbu Dojo of the famous Daito-Ryu Aikijujutsu, Aikikai of Aikido, Kodokan Judo, and many Karate dojos in most of Asia. Trust me, they were mostly CLASSICAL, but most were not PRACTICAL. Looking back at my time with Sensei. I often wonder what could have been. I envy you all who currently train with Sensei, and I warn you to not make the same mistakes that I have. You are truly LUCKY to have him in Indiana."

- Salahaldin Al-Jaber

 - Senjo Kai - Atlanta




"Putting into words how my training at the Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis over the past 16 years has impacted my life is extremely difficult. Those who may come across the website or listen to a student describe the training are only bearing witness to an extremely small portion of what is done within these four walls. To one who devotes themselves to the training the reward is great, but the journey is a lifetime. Ted Hanulak Sensei provides tutelage in not only an extremely effective art for self defense, but also maintains a school with students whose soul purpose is to train. No colored belts, no tournaments to win or lose, just train. The training is about you. Your time to come to a sanctuary of sorts, to explore the weakest and strongest parts of your person. To train that which is weak, while learning about that which is strong within you.

Teaching a person to defend themselves is all relative to circumstance. Teaching a person to look inward and explore themselves involves personal acceptance. Teaching someone both takes a person who is as willing to give as much of themselves as they ask from their students.  

I have been honored to be a student of Hanulak Sensei. The training has given me the patience and understanding needed to be a husband and father. To accept, learn, and grow as I make mistakes and fail. To get back up when I fall. Hanulak Sensei has opened up a path for me to develop as a person, I am honored to be able to continue down that path..." 

 - Richard Denney





"Studying  at the Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis in under Ted Hanulak Sensei has been a rewarding experience for me. In pretty much my first class there, I was thrust into a “Monkey in the Middle” exercise (two students with full pads in the middle of a circle of students, attacking the circle full force) which was partially done in the dark. Needless to say I got my clock cleaned by one of the “monkeys” in the process.

That exercise exemplifies what Hanulak Sensei has taught me; I have to be calm and ready for encounters that can come anytime, anywhere. Everything from meditating to full contact drills are helping me get to that point."

 - Alex Lukantsov





"I have studied at the Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis for just over twelve years and that time has made a tremendous impact in my life. When I started studying under Ted Hanulak Sensei I thought that I would pick up a few new self defense pointers and maybe learn a thing or two about meditation, but the lessons that I learned during that time have been much more valuable than I thought! 

As an attorney with a busy criminal law practice, I have found that my practice has improved from meditation in ways that I could not have imagined.  I can actually calm my mind with ease before the biggest trial cases or entering a tough negotiation session with opposing counsel.  Along the same lines, its much easier now to face off against a lawyer in a courtroom after my years of training against multiple attackers in the dojo.  Once you gain skills like that its much easier to handle just about anything life throws at you!"

- Dominic Martin



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