Ted Hanulak Sensei

Ted Hanulak Sensei is the current head of the Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis. Born and raised in New York City, his martial studies began in Karate as a child, Tae Kwon Do during his high school years, and Judo in college.

In 1983 Hanulak Sensei was introduced to Richard Behrens Shihan and his unique style of training and martial arts. Training was brutal and the discipline was strict. This was unlike anything Hanulak Sensei had experienced before in the martial arts. This was old school training in the tradition of the Samurai.


Richard Behrens Shihan 

Hanulak Sensei studied martial arts and Zen under Behrens Shihan from 1983-1992.


Ted Hanulak Sensei is a former decorated Police Officer who was awarded "Officer of the Year" in 1989 for "Outstanding Heroics and Dedicated Service". Hanulak Sensei has worked for the United States Department of Law Enforcement (Bureau of Indian Affairs) and has worked as a state licensed Private Investigator. He also spent many years as head of security / bouncers for various nightclubs in South Florida. During these years Hanulak Sensei relied heavily on his martial art training as well as the meditation.

Through his life experiences Hanulak Sensei continues to evolve the martial arts of the Sensokan by blending the traditional aspects and continuing to progress the art to meet the demands of modern day self-defense. Having recently celebrated his 26th year teaching, Hanulak Sensei guides the Sensokan while stressing the traditional importance of the teacher/student relationship and the importance of learning Zen meditation along with a realistic form of self-defense.



  Current Instructors at the Sensokan Dojo Indianapolis under Ted Hanulak Sensei


Dominic Martin Senpai


Richard Denney Senpai


Brad Lee





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